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Gym Packages

We think fitness is radical and that you will benefit greatly by learning to harness its power. We invite you to learn more with us.

Elite Private Training

Wanna lose some weight? No problem. Build some muscle, or maybe improve your balance to avoid stumbling around? Whatever your fitness goal, we got your covered. We even have private Martial Arts Training available. You chart your fitness course. We'll be the compass.
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General Access

You're a lone wolf. You are not into the class scene and don't want one of those cheap over packed gym memberships. We got you! That's why we have a General Access option to this private facility. Where we will set you in the right direction and are here if you need help along the way.
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Martial Arts

Graduate into your next belt

Black Belt is a life changing moment not only for the student but for the entire family. Yes it takes time, yes it takes commitment and yes it takes hard work. We allow students to wear the Black Belt uniform as if they are already Black Belts. Mindset is key in everything you do in life to have that success. You will also be trained in weapons; Kali, Nunchuku, Staff, Gun and Knife defense.


Core Martial Arts Program

In our Core Martial Arts Program you will participate in two classes a week that range 30-45 min in length depending on your age. Learning basic blocks, kicks and punches necessary to get to intermediate level. This program will take you from a white belt to orange belt.
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The HFMA Program

With your next level Martial Arts program you stay an additional 15minutes learning the skills necessary to take you from intermediate to advanced and to Black Belt. The largest difference between the Core and HFMA Program is this student and family have made the commitment to do what it takes to become a Black Belt.
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Online Martial Arts Academy

Looking for a virtual solution to get your next belt? Look no further than Hampton Fitness's Online Martial Arts Academy! With twice weekly - extremely high quality virtual classes - we'll have you into your next belt in no time!

We offer convenient class times, high quality video and audio accessible from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device and the nation's top Sensei's leading adult and child martial arts classes.

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